Radio France Inter




France Inter is a major French public radio channel and part of Radio France. It is a "generalist" station, aiming to provide a wide national audience with a full service of news and spoken-word programming, both serious and entertaining, liberally punctuated with an eclectic mix of music. It is broadcast on FM from a nationwide network of transmitters, as well as via the internet.

Abbeville FM|93.1
Agen FM|90.3
Aiguebelle FM|91.0
Aiti FM|97.1
Ajaccio FM|92.4
Albertville FM|99.2
Albi FM|88.1
Alencon FM|93.0
Ales FM|87.6
Allanche FM|94.6
Allos 2 FM|90.5
Ambert 1 FM|93.0
Amiens FM|95.4
Amplepuis FM|95.2
Ancy FM|103.8
Anduze FM|105.4
Angers FM|93.2
Angouleme FM|92.4
Annecy 2 FM|97.4
Annonay 2 FM|97.5
Annot FM|95.5
Aragnouet FM|90.4
Arcachon FM|88.3
Argentat FM|90.0
Arnay Le Duc FM|94.6
Arpajon FM|95.0
Arreau FM|89.1
Ars En Re FM|97.2
Arudy FM|88.7
Arvieu FM|87.6
Aspet FM|101.2
Asprieres FM|104.6
Aubagne FM|91.7
Aubenas FM|89.5
Aubin FM|98.7
Aubusson FM|103.3
Auch FM|88.2
Audierne FM|87.8
Auffay FM|102.0
Ault FM|95.4
Aumale FM|101.2
Aurillac FM|94.9
Autrans FM|99.4
Autun FM|88.1
Auxerre FM|99.5
Auzances FM|90.1
Auzon FM|94.2
Avallon FM|94.7
Avignon FM|97.4
Axat Le Clat FM|91.7
Bagnolet FM|87.6
Bar Le Duc FM|90.9
Barreme FM|89.4
Bastia FM|95.9
Bayonne FM|89.0
Bazas FM|92.4
Bedarieux FM|97.0
Belesta FM|104.2
Belin Beliet FM|89.9
Bergerac FM|92.5
Bernay FM|92.6
Besancon FM|98.7
Bessans FM|93.4
Besseges FM|89.2
Bessenay FM|97.1
Blanzac FM|105.8
Blois FM|88.1
Bocognano FM|96.5
Bolbec FM|107.2
Bonifacio FM|92.3
Bordeaux FM|89.7
Bourges FM|94.9
Bozel FM|95.6
Brassac FM|90.2
Brest FM|95.4
Briancon FM|91.5
Brignoles FM|106.7
Bruyeres FM|93.4
Caen FM|99.6
Cahors 2 FM|93.4
Cajarc FM|98.8
Calais FM|104.7
Calenzana FM|94.4
Calvi FM|95.9
Campagnac FM|103.8
Canavaggia FM|95.9
Carcassonne FM|88.3
Cassis FM|91.5
Castellane FM|98.3
Catus FM|93.1
Cauterets 1 FM|103.1
Cauterets 2 FM|91.0
Caylus FM|97.3
Cerbere FM|88.5
Cervione FM|97.5
Chalabre FM|93.5
Chalais FM|89.0
Chambery FM|93.5
Chamonix FM|99.5
Champagnole FM|88.5
Chartres FM|94.6
Chateaulin FM|87.9
Chatel FM|89.9
Chatelaudren FM|88.6
Chauffailles FM|93.2
Chaum FM|88.1
Chauvigny FM|102.7
Chinon FM|99.6
Cholet FM|90.4
Cluny FM|90.6
Cluses FM|94.2
Combloux FM|99.1
Commercy FM|91.9
Conca FM|103.9
Concarneau FM|87.7
Condat FM|97.4
Confolens FM|93.9
Contes FM|99.9
Cormeilles FM|90.5
Cornil FM|90.3
Cornimont 2 FM|93.4
Correze FM|91.2
Corte FM|98.2
Coublanc FM|90.9
Coubon FM|89.9
Coulommiers FM|94.2
Courpiere FM|89.0
Coutances FM|93.8
Creil FM|87.6
Decazeville FM|99.8
Die FM|95.5
Dienne Murat FM|90.3
Dieulefit FM|97.6
Dijon FM|96.3
Douarnenez FM|88.2
Dourdan FM|94.9
Draguignan FM|100.3
Dreux FM|91.5
Dunkerque FM|103.3
Ecole FM|94.2
Epierre FM|99.3
Epinal FM|98.6
Espalion FM|89.8
Esperaza FM|88.5
Etampes FM|94.2
Etrechy FM|91.0
Etretat FM|90.9
Eu FM|89.2
Evreux FM|88.5
Faverges 1 FM|97.8
Fecamp FM|91.1
Figari 1 FM|93.9
Figeac FM|88.5
Firminy FM|90.4
Florac FM|95.2
Foix FM|96.1
Forbach FM|96.6
Foucarmont FM|89.5
Foug FM|98.4
Fougeres FM|88.7
Fraize FM|98.9
Frasseto FM|94.2
Fumay FM|96.9
Fumel FM|88.4
Ganges FM|88.8
Gap FM|98.3
Gap 2 FM|100.7
Gavray FM|101.5
Gerardmer FM|99.2
Gex FM|94.4
Givet FM|97.0
Golfech FM|88.2
Gourdon FM|92.8
Graissessac FM|99.5
Gramat FM|98.8
Grenoble FM|99.4
Gueret FM|100.7
Guingamp FM|87.7
Hauterives FM|91.7
Hirson FM|94.4
Hyeres FM|91.6
Ile D'elbe FM|96.8
Ile D'oleron FM|87.7
Ispagnac FM|98.2
Issoire FM|90.1
Joinville FM|95.6
Jonzac FM|92.8
Josselin FM|92.2
L'ile Rousse FM|98.0
La Bresse 3 FM|93.9
La Brigue FM|96.7
La Canourgue FM|94.4
La Clayette FM|91.1
La Clusaz 1 FM|97.6
La Faurie FM|94.8
La Mure FM|98.5
La Reole FM|88.3
La Rochelle FM|93.3
Lacanau FM|89.9
Lacaune FM|103.8
Laissac FM|87.7
Lamastre FM|97.2
Landerneau FM|87.7
Langogne FM|98.1
Lannion FM|88.3
Lapoutroie FM|93.1
Laragne FM|92.2
Largentiere FM|107.1
Laruns FM|88.4
Lasalle FM|88.6
Laval FM|95.1
Lavelanet FM|88.0
Le Bleymard FM|95.1
Le Chatelard FM|88.0
Le Creusot FM|93.0
Le Donjon FM|100.3
Le Havre FM|88.9
Le Mans FM|92.6
Le Mas D'azil FM|105.0
Le Mont Dore FM|96.4
Le Thillot FM|94.4
Le Vigan FM|89.2
Les Angles FM|89.3
Les Cabannes FM|96.7
Les Vans FM|89.6
Lescun FM|91.8
Leyme FM|102.9
Lille FM|103.9
Limoges FM|93.0
Lisieux FM|89.8
Livarot FM|94.2
Lodeve 3 FM|89.6
Longuyon FM|105.4
Longwy FM|98.1
Lorient FM|89.0
Lourdes FM|88.3
Luzenac FM|100.8
Lyon FM|101.1
Maintenon FM|106.4
Malestroit FM|90.4
Marconne FM|103.3
Marseille FM|91.7
Marvejols 1 FM|88.5
Masevaux FM|89.7
Massat FM|100.5
Massiac FM|87.6
Matour FM|101.2
Maubeuge FM|100.3
Mauriac FM|90.2
Maurs FM|89.9
Mazamet FM|88.5
Meaux FM|95.0
Megeve FM|92.2
Melun FM|87.6
Mende FM|90.1
Mende 2 FM|88.1
Menton FM|97.0
Mereville FM|96.8
Meribel FM|89.8
Metz FM|99.8
Meyrueis FM|91.3
Millau FM|97.6
Modane FM|92.8
Modane 1 FM|91.0
Montargis FM|94.7
Montauban FM|87.6
Montbard FM|90.6
Montbarla FM|90.2
Montelimar FM|107.3
Montignac FM|94.8
Montlucon FM|95.2
Montmedy FM|102.3
Montmoreau FM|92.6
Montmorillon FM|101.8
Montpellier FM|89.4
Montreuil FM|103.5
Morez 1 FM|97.5
Morteau FM|88.9
Morzine FM|99.8
Mouret FM|101.2
Mouy FM|88.1
Mulhouse FM|95.7
Munster 1 FM|89.4
Mussidan FM|92.8
Nancy FM|96.9
Nant FM|102.5
Nantes FM|90.6
Nantua FM|98.8
Nemours FM|95.5
Neufchateau FM|96.3
Nevers FM|95.3
Nice FM|100.2
Nimes FM|88.7
Niort FM|99.4
Nolay FM|101.3
Nyons 3 FM|99.1
Oderen FM|101.0
Olliergues FM|87.9
Olmeto FM|94.9
Oraison FM|89.4
Orbec FM|94.8
Orleans FM|99.2
Ornans 1 FM|88.2
Oyonnax FM|98.1
Paimpol FM|100.4
Pamiers FM|104.9
Paris FM|87.8
Parthenay FM|93.8
Perigueux FM|92.6
Peronne FM|87.8
Perpignan FM|92.1
Piana FM|90.2
Pierrefort FM|93.0
Pignans FM|92.7
Poitiers FM|97.7
Pont Aven FM|104.1
Pont L'eveque FM|103.0
Pontarlier FM|90.7
Pontivy FM|104.0
Pontrieux FM|89.0
Port Vendres FM|98.4
Prades FM|94.0
Prayssac FM|89.7
Privas FM|89.8
Provins FM|94.9
Puy L'eveque FM|89.3
Quillan FM|90.2
Quimper FM|103.6
Quimperle FM|88.0
Quintin FM|89.0
Quissac FM|89.1
Rambouillet FM|94.4
Redon FM|99.8
Regny FM|90.9
Remiremont FM|93.6
Rennes FM|93.5
Retournac FM|97.6
Revin FM|97.9
Riberac FM|102.7
Riez FM|89.0
Riotord FM|90.5
Roanne FM|90.7
Rodez FM|98.2
Rohan FM|91.0
Rouen FM|96.5
Royan FM|92.7
Saclas FM|102.9
Saint Amarin FM|89.6
Saint Antonin FM|102.9
Saint Astier FM|98.5
Saint Brieuc FM|99.6
Saint Cere FM|92.7
Saint Die 2 FM|87.8
Saint Flour FM|97.6
Saint Girons FM|93.9
Saint Jorioz FM|89.0
Saint Lo FM|99.9
Saint Savin FM|95.3
Saint Sozy FM|99.6
Saint Uze FM|89.7
Saintes FM|87.7
Salernes FM|89.7
Salles Curan FM|90.3
Sarrebourg FM|93.1
Segre FM|90.2
Segur FM|90.0
Seix FM|101.7
Sens FM|96.3
Septeuil FM|96.6
Sisteron 2 FM|89.6
Sollies Pont FM|91.4
Sommedieue FM|98.0
Souillac FM|89.8
Strasbourg FM|97.3
Surtainville FM|96.3
Taintrux FM|94.9
Tarare FM|99.5
Tenay FM|94.3
Theys 1 FM|91.6
Thizy FM|99.5
Thorame FM|97.2
Tignes 1 FM|99.0
Tonnerre FM|97.1
Toulon FM|92.0
Toulouse FM|88.1
Tours FM|99.9
Treguier FM|88.7
Trets FM|93.0
Troyes FM|95.3
Tuchan FM|88.1
Tulle 2 FM|98.8
Ugine FM|94.1
Ussel Meymac FM|96.0
Ustou FM|95.0
Utelle FM|97.1
Uzerche FM|90.6
Val D'isere FM|90.9
Val Thorens FM|95.9
Valberg FM|89.3
Valbonnais FM|90.5
Valence FM|88.5
Valleraugue FM|99.6
Vannes FM|88.6
Varen FM|99.9
Vars FM|95.0
Vauville FM|95.3
Vendome FM|100.2
Ventiseri FM|97.1
Verdun FM|92.1
Vesoul FM|89.5
Vezelise FM|99.7
Vic Sur Cere FM|93.2
Vicdessos FM|98.3
Vicdessos 2 FM|104.9
Vico FM|89.1
Villerupt FM|97.9
Vitre FM|100.4
Vitteaux FM|95.7
Vittel FM|98.2
Vivario FM|89.4
Viverols FM|90.7
Voiron 1 FM|91.5
Vorey FM|88.5
Wissembourg FM|93.1
Yport FM|91.7
Yssingeaux FM|90.2
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