Radio Fox Sports 1510 (KMND)


Fox Sports 1510 is the Home of Fox Sports in Midland, Odessa and West Texas.


KMND (1510 AM) radio station it is branded as "Fox Sports 1510 KMND" and serves the Midland-Odessa metropolitan area. The radio station features Fox Sports Radio talk shows, "The WinningEdge" radio show, and a weekly sports update on professional football and basketball.

In addition to the AM frequency, the station also simulcasts its programming on 99.5 FM. The ownership of 1510 AM belongs to Townsquare Media, while 99.5 FM is owned by Eastern New Mexico University under a local marketing agreement (LMA) with Townsquare Media.[*]

Midland AM|1510
11300 Highway 191 №2 Midland, TX 79707
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