Radio Caroline


The Legend Lives On!


Radio Caroline is an English radio station founded in 1964 by Ronan O'Rahilly, to circumvent the tight hold the record companies had on the broadcast of popular music in the UK. It originally commenced transmissions as an offshore radio station broadcasting from a ship anchored in international waters off the coast of South East England. Originally unlicensed by any government, for the majority of its early life, it was labelled as a pirate radio station.

Dinard FM|96.0
Fougeres FM|97.9
Merdrignac FM|88.2
Monte Carlo FM|88.4
Ploermel FM|99.5
Pontivy FM|88.2
Redon FM|101.1
Rennes FM|90.8
Vannes FM|99.5
35000 Rennes, France
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