Radio Suria


Segalanya Hiburan di Suria!


Suria (formerly Suria FM) is a Malay language-private radio station under the Star Media Radio Group, a company owned by Star Media Group Berhad. Suria FM first aired on 24 November 2005. The station's programming is targeted toward modern Malays, aged between 25 to 35. The station interacts with listeners through social media. The broadcasts feature a mix of local all-time favourites and chart-topping hits with some of the latest Indonesian and K-pop songs.

Alor Setar FM|106.9
Genting FM|105.3
Ipoh FM|96.0
Johor Bahru FM|101.4
Kota Bharu FM|106.1
Kota Kinabalu FM|105.9
Kuala Lumpur FM|105.3
Kuantan FM|96.1
Lembah Klang FM|105.3
Seremban FM|107.0
Taiping FM|91.7
Level 6, Menara Star,, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
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