Mt. Scopus FM|106.0
    Mt. Scopus Radio, operated entirely by students of the Hebrew University, was established due to the initiative of Cleveland Radio Operator and Jewish Community leader Norman Wain. His enthusiasm encouraged the Jewish Community in Cleveland, Ohio, to fund this innovative teaching project.
    The radio station was dedicated on Monday, Oct. 18, 1999 at the University, with the participation of Norman and Nina Wain and a mission from the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland.
    Dr. Sanford A. Berman of Cleveland, who visited the station with members of his family several days prior to the dedication, was a particularly generous contributor to the station’s construction. A plaque dedicated to the memory of his wife, Bette Lippa Berman, and other family members was dedicated during the visit.

    Located on the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the station went on the air for the first time in October 18, 1999. It possesses the latest in broadcast equipment, consists of two active studios, one of which can be used as a classroom, plus editing rooms, listening booths and other facilities. Broadcasts are on 106 FM , a frequency belonging to “Kol Israel” Radio and reserved for educational institutions.
    A special committee reviews programming and is composed of three professors from the Noah Mozes Department of Communication and Journalism - Prof. Hanna Adoni, Prof. Gadi Wolfsfeld and Prof. Tamar Liebes - and two professionals – Motti Barakan director of the station and Dan Kaner, a well known Radio announcer.
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