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KBC English service is a pioneer national radio station in Kenya. It was started in 1928 as a channel for giving colonial settlers updates from their country. In 1931, it was transformed from a social club to a government mouthpiece aimed at keeping the empire together. In 1961, the colonial government was not in a position to maintain English and other African broadcasting services it had introduced. It therefore declared these broadcasting services into a self-sustaining Parastatal called Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

Kapenguria FM|97.8
Kisumu FM|91.5
Lokichokio FM|89.3
Malindi FM|93.3
Meru FM|103.5
Mombasa FM|104.7
Nairobi FM|95.6
Nakuru FM|96.5
Nyeri FM|100.7
Taita Taveta FM|98.9
Timboroa FM|91.5
PO Box 30456, Nairobi, Kenya
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