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2012-06-16 21:58:15
Country: MacedoniaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Macedonia
City: Ohrid
FM (MHz): 97.0
Genre: Electronic-Dance
Phone: +38946260078
Language of broadcast: Macedonian
Founded: 07 Ноябрь
Description: Тhe leading radio station in the western region of Macedonia. With 18 years working experience behind us SUPER RADIO 97FM has over 300.000 potencial public radio listeners. The location of our main studio is in the center of the town with a team of over 25 radio announcers, DJ's, editors, speakers, journalists, and co-workers wich are the key to our 24 hour ON AIR program. At the moment with excellent quality SUPER RADIO 97FM is streeming in the region on 97.00 Mhz and also at all over the world.

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