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Country: MongoliaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Mongolia
City: Ulan Bator
Address: CPO Box 1042 Ulaanbaatar - 13Mongolia
FM (MHz): 104.5
Genre: Christian
Phone: +976 99 11 4335
Fax: +976 11 458 927
Description: Community family radio WIND-FM 104.5 is o ne of the most listened local radio stations in Mongolia. In just a few years, WIND has been recognized by the government of Mongolia as o ne of two high standard professional radio stations. WIND can potentially reach o ne million inhabitants in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.
In addition to the local audience reached o n FM, radio programs produced in WIND-FM’s Ulaanbaatar studios can reach as many as six million Mongolians living in Outer Mongolia and the Chinese Inner Mongolia via shortwave signal from international radio stations, look for details from -website.

The home of WIND-FM burnt down o n January 13th, 2003. To replace the building, which was completely destroyed, drawings for a new radio station were prepared free of charge by Christian volunteers in Finland. The new facility was under construction from autumn 2003 until May 2008. Celebration of the inauguration of the new facility was held on May 26th, 2008. The entire radio station construction project is being funded through donations. Finnish volunteers, with the help of local labor and FEBC International staff built it from the ground up.

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