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Killid (RKK)

Killid (RKK)
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2012-06-16 20:33:09
Country: AfghanistanListen to radio stations broadcasting from Afghanistan
City: Kabul
Address: House #442, Street #6, Chardehi Watt,Near to Uzbekha Mosque, Karta-e-sea, Kabul, Afghanistan
FM (MHz): 88.0
Genre: News
Phone: +93(0)2500 717
Language of broadcast: Persian
Description: To maximize our communication reach, TKG added radio to its portfolio with the launch of its radio broadcast division.

Radio Killid Kabul (RKK FM 88), went on air on National Independence Day, August 19th, making it Afghanistan’s first twenty four-seven talk radio station. More recently, TKG launched a second radio station, Radio Killid Herat (RKH FM 88), this time in the western city of Herat.

Both stations are noted for their appeal to a diverse range of listeners, offering a mix of news, hard hitting talk shows, educational and children’s programming, cutting edge interviews and an innovative music program which plays tribute to the importance of Afghanistan’s musical heritage while introducing new regional and international sounds to its listeners.

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