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Radio Veronica is a Dutch commercial radio station owned by Talpa Radio, a subsidiary of Talpa Network. The station runs pop and rock music from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, however in 2017, as the new show schedule was launched, the music format shifted towards so-called timeless hits which also includes recurrents. The station can be compared with Absolute Radio and Radio X (United Kingdom) in the United Kingdom.

Amsterdam FM|103.0
Arnhem FM|97.7
De Lutte FM|103.1
Emmeloord FM|103.3
Emmen FM|94.0
Goes FM|96.6
Hilversum FM|103.0
Hoogersmilde FM|103.2
Hoogezand FM|103.4
Hoorn FM|103.2
Ijsselstein FM|97.8
Leeuwarden FM|103.0
Loon Op Zand FM|96.3
Markelo FM|103.1
Megen FM|103.1
Mierlo FM|97.7
Roosendaal FM|103.5
Rotterdam FM|103.2
Terneuzen FM|103.3
Vlissingen FM|97.1
Zelhem FM|102.9
Zwolle FM|102.8
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Bergweg 70 1217 SC Hilversum, Netherlands
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