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All Irish Radio
[All Irish Radio plays all the great Irish/Folk/Celtic music as well as a mix of new artists...]
Cead Mile Failte go ..All Irish Radio ...We bring you the best music Ireland has to offer 24/7 365 day's a year..With main stream artists like U2, Mary Black, Mary Duff ,Joe Dolan, Brian Kennedy, Foster and Allen, The Dubliners, Paul Brady,Altan and many many more..We also have the best new music from Ireland like Queen Elvis, J 90, Andy Kostek, Ray Collins, Baby Jenx, Barry McCarthy, and new international music from people like Gone Wild, Echo Screen, Elavator., Lena and many more...We have also added the best music from artists who played in Ireland over the last number of year to give you a wide range of music......So sit back tune in and enjoy...Brendan... All Irish Radio was set up on April 17th 2007 ...We play the best in Celtic/Traditional/Irish/Modern music from all over Ireland/Wales/Scotland/England and the best new music from up and coming artists from all over the world..
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