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Δεν είναι ραδιόφωνο... είναι παρέα!


KIISFM Extra is a radio station broadcasting on 95.8MHz Stereo based in Corfu, Greece. It serves Corfu, the Ionian Islands, Epirus and the Western portion of Greece. KIISFM Extra broadcasts in one of the most scenic areas of the world and has a music policy to match. It is one of Greece's most popular stations and has a big listenership/following. KIISFM Extra has a perfect mixture of eighties (80's) along with today's biggest hits.

Corfu FM|95.8
Κέρκυρας \u0026amp; Ιονίων Νήσων Στ. Δεσύλλα 17, 49100 Κέρκυρα
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