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[Good Time, Great Life, Better Music!]
The GFN represents Gwangju’s newest English language
broadcasting channel, and promises to bolster our city’s
international standing.

With exponential advancements in knowledge, information, and
technology, cities such as ours have become global centers of
human rights, democracy, culture, and/or arts. Clearly,
the services we provide must cater to an international audience.

The GFN accomplishes this by offering the latest news intended
for a diverse audience, 21 hours a day. It provides information
important to an international audience base.
It also opens our Korean listeners to instructional English.
In effect, it bridges what once was a significant gap between
local and foreign residents.

Gwangju plans to build on the success of the GFN and strengthen
its global competitiveness, improve quality of life for all residents,
and promote the local economy by responding to the changes
in the international environment.
To this end, we ask for your continued support and
encouragement as we transform Gwangju into a true ‘Capital of
Culture and an International City.’
17 Sa-jik street Namgu, Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea Republic
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