Y108 HD2-New Country (WDSY-HD2) FM|107.9
    WDSY-FM is located in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and broadcasts at 107.9 FM. It is a country music station commonly known as Y108. Its slogan is: "Pittsburgh's Best Country Variety."

    First signing on in September 1962, this station was known as WEEP-FM, the sister of former AM station WEEP (now WWNL). Originally as a fully-simulcast outlet of its AM sister, WEEP-FM operated primarily as a vehicle to serve listeners after the AM station was mandated to shut down after sunset.

    The station continued operations as WEEP-FM until the late 1970s, doing break-aways from its AM sister as part of the 1965 FCC mandate requiring AM/FM combination license holders to originate separate programming on each station for half the broadcast day. During the break-away period, WEEP-FM would carry a softer vocal based country music format, while its AM sister played more contemporary country hits. In 1977, WEEP-FM changed its call letters to WDSY, and adopting the moniker "Fresh as a Daisy!...WDSY FM 108", making the WEEP-FM format full-time.

    As FM began to emerge as radio's leading technology, it took on more of a flagship approach between the two stations, with WEEP simulcasting it, rather than the other way around, as the new WDSY began to evolve into a contemporary country station, and eventually was recognized as the exclusive country music outlet serving the Pittsburgh area. The station's ratings flourished in the late 1980s with the addition of two on-air personalities from top rocker WDVE joining the WDSY lineup...morning DJ Jimmy Roach and midday personality Chris DeCarlo.

    In 1991, then-owner Entercom decided to change the station's branding and the station became known as "Pittsburgh's Country, Y108", though the music and call letters remained the same. Channel mentions of 107.9 later were incorporated into the branding as more and more vehicles came equipped with digitally-tuned radios.

    651 Holiday Drive, Foster Plaza 5, Suite 310Pittsburgh, PA 15222
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