IRIB World Service 6 (IRIB WS 6)
    The establishment of radio station in Iran has been associated with that of Telegraph or wireless equipment. The First wireless equipment began to work in 1926. 12 years later in 1938 , the Organization of " Nourishment of the minds "was established in which there was a commission called "Radio". While being involved with regular broadcasting of music and news programs , the commission was obligated to produce programs for the Organization as well. The first radio transmitter began to work with transmitter with power of 20 KW short wave and a 2 KW medium wave transmitter producing 5 hours of programs located in Qasr wireless equipment center ( Today ministry of technology and communication located in Shariati street).Today IRIB broadcasts various programs via the powerful transmitters installed in Tehran under the following names: Iran Radio station ,Tehran radio station, Farhang radio station(meaning culture) ,Javan radio station ( The Youth), Sports radio station ,Quran radio , Mareef radio ( Islamic teachings and culture),Health radio station ,Payam radio station , Dialogue radio station ,the familiar voice radio station ,Business radio station ,( as the last Radio station installed and run in late October of the current year).Each of which follow their aims and their special mission in spreading the news and messages to the listeners. There are also 32 provincial centers including some other towns in which the local and provincial transmitters provide the listeners with exclusive and regional news. Furthermore, today, there are world service radios which broadcast exclusive and various programs and news in more than 30 languages and dialects namely as : English, German, French, Russian , Spanish , Albanian , Bosnian, Italian , Turkish , Armenian , Indian, Japanese, Urdu and Chinese .According to local time of Europe, Americas , Asia and Africa. It is note worthy that the install and run of the first world service transmitter dates back to 1946 .
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