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Radio dhamaal is the commercial FM arm of the media conglomerate of the BAG Network.Radio Dhamaal believes that life is a celebration, must be lived to the fullest and in all its happiness...and that is why the tagline of Har Khushi Hai Jahan.Radio dhamaal is available at the frequency of 106.4 and is present in 7 states of Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jahrkhand, and Maharashtra,in the cities of Karnal, Hissar, Patiala, Shimla, Jabalpur, Ranchi, Muzaffarpur, Ahmednagar ,Dhule and Jalgaon.

Delhi FM|106.4
Dhule FM|106.4
Hisar FM|106.4
Jabalpur FM|106.4
Karnal FM|106.4
Muzaffarpur FM|106.4
Patiala FM|106.4
Ranchi FM|106.4
Shimla FM|106.4
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