KBZC-FM (The Buzz - Totally 90s) FM|106.5
    KBZC is a commercial radio station in Sacramento, California, broadcasting on 106.5 FM. The Entercom-owned outlet airs a 90's Hits format. The stations' logo fonts was loosely inspired by the 90's hit television series "Seinfeld."

    Prior to the format and call letter change, the 106.5 frequency in Sacramento was known as KWOD.

    In May 2009, Program Director Curtiss Johnson posted a notice on KWOD's homepage announcing that the station would be shutting down. Citing economic difficulties as the primary reason for the shutdown, Johnson assured that the decision was local and not made by the owner corporation Entercom.

    At approximately 9 a.m. on May 22, 2009, the station became 106.5 The Buzz - Totally 90s, playing music exclusively from the 1990s, and using the call letters KBZC.

    As noticed on Wikipedia article KWOD (defunct), The final song played by KWOD with its Alternative rock format was Short Skirt/Long Jacket by Sacramento's very own Cake. The first song of the new "The Buzz" format was Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince. It is the first terrestrial all-1990s radio station, and the third all-1990s radio station after XM's '90s on 9 (now also on Sirius 9 since November 12, 2008) and the short-lived I-90 channel on Sirius from 2002.

    Today, KBZC still airs '90s music.

    801 K ST, 27TH FLOOR, Sacramento, CA95814
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