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ZM (pronounced zed-em) is a New Zealand contemporary hit radio network owned by The Radio Network. It broadcasts 19 markets throughout mainland New Zealand via terrestrial FM, and worldwide via the Internet. The network targets the 15–39 demographic specialises in a chart-music playlist of pop, rock, hip hop and dance music. It reaches approximately 378,700 listeners weekly, making it the fourth largest commercial radio station in New Zealand.

Auckland FM|91.0
Christchurch FM|91.3
Dunedin FM|88.6
Greymouth FM|89.9
Hawke's Bay FM|95.9
Kapiti FM|91.1
Manawatu FM|90.6
Marlborough FM|90.5
Nelson FM|96.8
Queenstown FM|88.8
Rotorua FM|98.3
Southland FM|95.6
Sumner FM|90.9
Taranaki FM|98.8
Taupo FM|90.4
Waihi FM|96.4
Waihi Beach FM|99.4
Waikato FM|89.8
Wairarapa FM|94.3
Wanaka FM|100.2
Wanganui FM|96.8
Wellington FM|90.9
Westport FM|91.7
Whangarei FM|94.8
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