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Holy Ghost Radio
Holy Ghost Radio is an evangelistic ministry of Faith Mountain Pentecostal Church, Paul L. Bertram, Pastor. This internet ministry is impacting the world in an unprecedented fashion, under the capable and anointed leadership of brother Jeff Hoffer. Jeff Hoffer is not only the visionary & founder of Holy Ghost Radio, but is also a faithful pillar of Faith Mountain Pentecostal Church.

Jeff says, "Some time ago in morning prayer, two words were uttered to me by God. "Radio Ministry." My vision for this site is a place where all people from all walks of life can come and get answers to questions concerning salvation through doctrine, preaching and music." There are many voices in the world today, Jesus said, "Take heed that ye believe not every voice, but the Spirit of Truth is The Holy Ghost, He shall teach you all things" Holy Ghost Radio is dedicated to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in Spirit & Truth, for indeed there are many voices in the world today, many philosophies, many ideals, many religions and ideas, even many ministries speak many things, but we are here to remind the world that there is only One Lord, One Faith and One Baptism, as well as One Holy Ghost Radio!

Almost 5 years later we are seeing God opening doors. This ministry was birthed and is currently operated strictly by donations, and one day soon God will give us a radio station, we are believing for this in Jesus Name. I pray that Holy Ghost Radio touches your soul and blesses you and your family.
1283 East Main St., Ste. #208 El Cajon, California 92021
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