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Country: CyprusListen to radio stations broadcasting from Cyprus
City: Limassol
Address: 91.4 Coast FMSuite 401, Themis Tower,Olympion Street,3035 - Limassol - Cyprus
FM (MHz): 91.4
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Phone: +357 25350914
Fax: +357 25350916
Description: 91.4 Coast FM , broadcasting from state of the art studios in Limassol, brings to the south of Cyprus its first ever independent music service in the English language. We are a team of dedicated broadcast professionals with a mission to deliver a service of unrivalled excellence.

To be a good broadcaster, you have firstly to be a good listener. We at 91.4 Coast FM listened carefully to voices in the community (both Cypriot & British) bemoaning the lack of choice on the FM waveband, when we designed the station. Up until now there has been an audible gap between British Armed Forces’ radio and indigenous Greek speaking stations. 91.4 Coast FM fills that gap… and does so with a purposeful dedication to listener and advertiser alike. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology which will transmit CD quality music to your radio, at home and on the move.

Cyprus's accession to the EU signifies the most significant social, economic and cultural changes in its modern history. Limassol is a fast growing, cosmopolitan city of 200,000 inhabitants. Last year, Cyprus welcomed almost 3 million tourists to her sun drenched bosom. Limassol attracted 27% of these visitors who, together, represent 21% of the island’s GDP.

As citizens from other EU countries take up their right to live, work and play in whichever member state they choose - the English language will assume an increasingly greater significance, both socially and economically. Limassol in the 21st century is truly a multiethnic, multicultural community which for the first time will be able to find free expression through the airwaves of 91.4 Coast FM.

Tune in to hear CD quality, chatter-free popular music for grownups and one or two daringly different treats. We are all very fortunate to be sharing this small piece of paradise and, whether you live in Cyprus or you are one of the many visitors to these enchanted shores, 91.4 Coast FM is proud to offer you the perfect soundtrack to the Mediterranean experience.

Join us and become part of a listening revolution. To audience and advertiser alike, we say WELCOME to

91.4 Coast FM

The Music of Your Life…. for the Time of Your Life!

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