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Pathibhara FM

Pathibhara FM
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2011-01-04 19:47:28
Country: NepalListen to radio stations broadcasting from Nepal
City: Kathmandu
FM (MHz): 93.6
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Description: Pathibhara FM 93.6 mhz. is only the FM radio station in Mechi Zone of Nepal to launch its broadcasting 18 hours a day since its establishment. It is the outcome of dedication of enthusiastic and energetic media persons who have had a dream of initiating the process of its establishment. The involvement of many media persons and intellectuals of Jhapa in its team is the major factor for its successful running. Pathibhara FM is the first FM radio station which has its transmitter of one kilowatt in Purwanchal. The well-equipped control-room with advanced digital broadcasting system has made our broadcasting very popular amongst the listeners of Purwanchal and many parts of Darjeeling and Sikkim. The dedicated and experienced employees are the cruse of its development and smooth running. The FM station’s tower for emitting its frequency is of the height of one hundred and fifty feet tall. Pathibhara FM is established to provide information and entertainment to the listeners. It has launched more than half a dozen news bulletin in Nepali and few bulletins in local languages too. It has provided employment to more than 60 persons directly and indirectly. In order to uplift the local languages, artists, festivals, and norms & values, Pathibhara FM has launched many programmes. On the whole, it is the radio station for providing services of information and entertainment through the different programmes to the people of its transmission peripheri. We have been established with full digital broadcasting system. The well educated and conscious promoters are the pillars of the radio and the energetic and farsighted management committee has made good spirit for the smooth functioning of the radio. Experienced journalists and programme producers have given their full dedication to the institution. All of our hardship and love of our listeners have already made a leader of FM radio in Eastern part of Nepal and so many of the big and small business houses are already engaged with our programmes, some as main sponsors and others advertising with us. Pathibhara FM has been informative entertaining happy package not only for the listeners but also for the sponsors and the advertisers. Looking into future, we will establish its branches in national and international level. We already had the good relationship with the other media partners and will keep it in the future. We, in the future, will increase the power of its transmission so to occupy the wider coverage. We also have objective to relate the production houses for programmes production. Continuing the current trend of broadcasting the information and entertainment in the best format, we are looking forward to broadcasting the 93.6 mhz. radio waves about 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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