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Meow FM

Meow FM
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Last updated:
2012-06-16 20:35:28
Country: IndiaListen to radio stations broadcasting from India
City: Mumbai
FM (MHz): 104.8
Genre: Bollywood
Language of broadcast: Hindi
Description: They say God first created man because one always starts with a rough draft. Radio Today followed his plan and waited for the appropriate time to launch Meow 104.8FM, India's first Just-for-Women Radio station, an India Today Group venture.

We understand what women want and consistently keep the content of Meow 104.8 FM very close to her heart. Staying true to our nature of breaking rules, we chose not to follow the traditional structure of radio programming were talk is always a monologue and second to music, but rather connect with real people out there.

Our biggest strength is interactivity because we engage with our listeners in a one to one conversation. Hence, ours is a completely unscripted and live show with a human face.

Our exceptionally creative team settles for nothing but the best for our listeners, and it's an experience to tune in to Meow 104.8 FM to talk with our on "on air hosts".

Happy listening and hope to get a call from you soon on Meow 104.8 FM airwaves.

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