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Country: IndiaListen to radio stations broadcasting from India
City: Ahmedabad
Address: ENIL, 4th Floor, Matulya CenterLower Parel WestMumbai400013
FM (MHz): 98.3
Genre: Top 40-Pop
Phone: +91 99250 11919
Language of broadcast: Hindi
Description: Radio Mirchi’s holding company Entertainment Network (India) Limited (ENIL) was incorporated in 1999. After successfully bidding for licenses in the Phase I auction in 2000, ENIL launched its first station in Indore on October 4, 2001. In the space of 24 months, Radio Mirchi made its presence felt in seven cities; along the way it also became the only private FM brand in all the four metros.

Radio Mirchi was also the first off the mark to launch a station from the lot of cities included in Phase II. In quick succession it launched Bangalore, Hyderabad and Jaipur in early 2006 and completed the final rollout of the remaining 22 stations recently.

Resources were poured into shipping the highest quality studio and transmission equipment. The latest in transmitters, mixers and coders were sourced from globally renowned suppliers based in the United States and Canada. No cost was spared in ensuring that Radio Mirchi set the standards for quality of broadcast and coverage in each of its local markets.

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