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Energy FM Malta

Energy FM Malta
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2012-06-16 20:27:33
Country: MaltaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Malta
City: Birzebbuga
Address: 8 Triq il-Kangu BBG07
FM (MHz): 96.4
Genre: Local Music
Phone: +35679890967
Fax: +356 2165 2737
Language of broadcast: English
Description: Energy Fm is proud to be Birzebbuga's community radio station. The station serves places in the south of Malta such as Birzebbuga and the surround areas, playing a mix of melodic adult hits from the past forty years with up-to-date music of today, Community news, and cultural programs including music by local bands and information on local feasts. This community radio broadcasts 24hrs a day and has no Political attachment.

The beginning:

The Energy Fm 88.4 dream started in 1994 when a friend of mine gave me a sign as a gift with SPEEDY RADIO painted on it (speedy because I had a mobile disco with the name speedy disco) and from that day the dream began. Then, I applied for the license in November 2002, with the name ENERGY FM

Why Energy?

It was a bit difficult to choose but finally I chose Energy because the south of Malta provides all the energy we need such as gas, fuel, light etc... and in January 2003 I was granted a Community radio license by the Malta Broadcasting Authority.

Then I needed to build the studio, had the need of a presenter’s sales and other things recruited. It was a massive task.

Within months I started to build up the studio, install the transmitter, music scheduling equipment and a revolutionary new music computer system which would act as the "Brain" of Energy FM.

The Staff

The Idea of the community radio station in B`Bugia was build for a friendship between our communities not for business. At the first time I thought that it was difficult to find the presenters because it was on a voluntary basis but suddenly a number of presenters and production staff were recruited and began to work on the new sophisticated equipment.

Finally, on March 21st. 2003, Energy Fm on 88.4 went on air and started with the words:

"This is Energy FM for the first time on 88.4 in stereo"

After a few months

Since then Energy Fm 88.4, its music format, and its presenters have become well established with both listeners and advertisers.

The station plays hits from the 1960s, 70s, 80`s 90`s and today's, and 60`s, 70`s hits during night time.

It is best described as "THE SOUTH ENERGY MUSIC MIX"

There are also various on air promotions and competitions.

Listeners have won a complete course of hair dressing, a battery scooter, mobile phones, meals, pizzas and much more... just for listening to Energy FM!

In September 2004

Energy FM had to change its frequency, due to some problems to 96.4. We thought that it was going to be very hard to inform ALL the listeners about this new frequency.

But in 1st September we were receiving compliments from a lot of listeners and, we can say that up to today, all the listeners are now informed.

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