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Radio RMI-Italo Disco Classic
Radio MaxItalo represents the musical genre known as Italo Disco. The name was introduced in 1983 by Bernhard Mikulski, the founder of the ZYX Music record label. The Italo Disco music style is related to the electronic Italian disco music from the 80s and music from other parts of Europe and North America. A typical mainstream Italo disco song has a contrasting verse and chorus, and a specific background music. The best known representatives are bands and performers like Savage, Ken Laszlo, P. Lyons, Albert One, Radiorama, Valerie Dore, Sabrina, Scotch, Baltimora, Righeira, Ryan Paris, Spagna, Miko Mission, Mike Mareen, Silver Pozzoli, La bionda, Gazebo, Eddy Huntington, Den Harrow, and many others. At the end of the 80s, the popularity of this trend began to dramatically decrease, until finally, in the mid-90s, it completely disappeared from the market.Radio MaxItalo was introduced on the 14th of April 2009, mainly for new rhythms of Italo Disco, which came to life again. Flash Back Records, I Venti d'Azzurro Records, and Space Sound Records contributed to this elegantly. Dyva, Marc Fruttero, Felli, Bruno Mosti, La Messina, Karl Otto, O'Ryan, Peter Arcade, Lazurus, Riccardo Campa, Dario, Marlinn, Modo are among the most famous New Generation Italo Disco artists, and like many others as well, you can find them here, and listen to their song from us. We currently have eight thematic channels: "Italo Disco Classics", "Italo New Generation" , "Italo Euro Disco - In The Mix'',''Italo Euro - Instrumental Vewrsion'', ''Space Synth Music" , ''80's Gold'',''Euro Disco'', and ''JukeBox (1950-1975)'' Only with with us, 24 hours a day with the best quality.
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