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990 Information

990 Information
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2012-06-16 20:24:18
Country: AustraliaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Australia
City: Welshpool
Address: 2 Adrian Street WA 6106
AM (MHz): 990
Genre: Information
Phone: +61 (0)8 9470 4966
Fax: +61 (0)8 9362 3662
Language of broadcast: English
Description: The Foundation for Information Radio of WA (Inc.) is a not for profit, disability service provider delivering a reading and information service to Western Australians with a print disability. It achieves this through its unique radio service - 990 6RPH Information Radio - available in the wider Perth metropolitan area on 990AM and in rural and regional areas of the state (and nationally) on radio channel 25 of the Opt us C3 satellite service.

Launched in Perth on 25the October 1991 in response to a proven need, the service provides access to the printed word for Western Australians who cannot, for whatever reason, read normal printed material. People who have a print disability are seriously disadvantaged in both a social and informational sense by their inability to access printed material – something which most Australians take for granted. 990 6RPH - Information Radio is designed to reduce this information inequity.

According to a Department of Communications review, Australia’s print handicapped population“… consists of people who through age, disability or literacy problems are unable to physically handle books or newspapers or to read or comprehend written material.”

Recent research shows that conservatively, 17?% of Western Australia’s population in some way has a print disability - that's over 330,000 people. This figure is expected to increase to 20% very early into the 21st century. Aging is a major factor that leads to a print disability and demand for an effective service such as 990 6RPH-Information Radio will increase.

990 6RPH-Information Radio combines the depth of information normally found only in printed publications with the immediacy of radio to give a highly efficient, effective and accessible means of closing the information gap experienced by people with a print disability. The service greatly reduces the isolation experienced by Perth’s large and expanding print disabled population, enhancing their quality of life and improving their lifestyle.

990 6RPH - Information Radio broadcasts articles from current national, state and local newspapers, books, magazines and journals as well as community and government information on a daily basis. Articles are unedited and the relevant source and author are acknowledged.

The service, which operates with a small paid staff and 120 trained volunteers, is self-funding and has operating costs of $350,000 per annum. Funds are raised through a comprehensive program, which includes sponsorship, special events, subscriptions, donations from user groups and supportive organisations, bequests and grants from trusts and foundations.

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