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KHCB-FM (Keeping Him Close by)

KHCB-FM (Keeping Him Close by)
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Country: United StatesListen to radio stations broadcasting from United States
City: Houston
Address: 2424 South Blvd. Houston, TX 77098
FM (MHz): 105.7
Genre: Catholic
Phone: (713) 520-5200
Fax: 713-520-8104
Language of broadcast: English
Description: The KHCB Radio Network began through the diligent efforts of a group of concerned Christians burdened to reach the growing Houston area with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Several years were spent praying and also in negotiations with the FCC before a license was granted to operate non-commercial Christian radio in the Houston/Galveston area.

The ministry of Missionary Radio has grown to nineteen different outlets that broadcast in English. Four stations broadcast our Spanish language outreach called 'Red de Radio Amistad.' The Spanish ministry also re-broadcasts in five areas by other stations not owned by KHCB, including Honduras.

English Network programming originates at KHCB-FM Houston. It is then relayed to satellite stations where the ministry can be heard in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The complete station list and locations can be found on our Network Outlet page.

The first radio transmissions started on the FM band on March 9, 1962 at 10:30 P.M. The broadcasts of the Word of God were heard at 105.7 FM with a minimal power of 3,410 watts.

Volunteer Ministry

A few months after going on the air, KHCB-FM initiated a very important help to the ministry in which volunteers took over KHCB's operations on week nights and weekends. This gave many believers the opportunity of helping with the ministry while keeping the budget at a minimum.

Volunteers also took over the preparation of program schedules for mailing. These helpers continue to play a vital role in the operation of all stations.

On January 21, 1964, the Lord permitted KHCB-FM to raise the effective radiated power ten times to 34,100 watts through the use of a new transmitter. This change gave much better reception across the entire broadcast area.

Listener Financed

On August 1, 1965, Houston Christian Broadcasters, Inc., the non-profit, non-stock corporation received tax-exempt status from the IRS allowing gifts to the ministry to be income tax deductible. KHCB has never sold broadcast time or commercial spots, and has never charged programmers for use of airtime on the station. The Lord provides the necessary income for daily operation entirely from the gifts of interested people. Because of the Lord's provision, KHCB has been completely debt free since 1969.

Stereo Broadcasting

Until 1974, KHCB-FM was broadcasting a monaural signal. At this time, the Lord allowed further improvements with the purchase of stereo broadcasting equipment. On November 10, 1974, KHCB-FM began proclaiming the Word of God in stereo.

Studio Building Constructed

In 1975, property was provided through the graciousness of one of KHCB's Trustees to allow construction of a new studio building. All this time, KHCB-FM had been leasing office and studio space. Listeners contributed to the "Building Fund" and raised $500,000. The station moved into this new home on September 10,1979.

Tall Tower Built

Because an increase in tall buildings around Houston was blocking the reception of its signal, KHCB's Trustees established a tall tower antenna fund to be used to improve the transmitting site. Through listener gifts, the "Tall Tower" site went into operation on September 13, 1985, allowing communities within an 80 mile radius of Houston to hear the signal. KHCB-FM now radiates its signal from an antenna height of 1600 feet, effectively increasing its coverage area four-fold.

AM Station Acquired

The Board of Trustees of KHCB spent several years praying that the Lord would provide an AM station in order to reach the various rapidly growing ethnic groups in Houston with the Gospel in their native tongues.

In December of 1990, AM 1400, a 1000 watt AM station was purchased, and after making some necessary repairs, KHCB-Galveston began broadcasting in English on February 4, 1991. One week later, "Radio Amistad" or (Friendship Radio) began daytime Spanish broadcasts of the "Palabra de Dios" (Word of God). Later that year, Chinese and Vietnamese programming was added on the weekends.

Expansion to Other Cities

Since the purchase of AM 1400, other stations have been added to the KHCB Network. Listeners have participated in the purchase of these stations through the Expansion Fund which began with Phase 1 and in 2009 entered Phase 4. The English Network currently includes 19 stations: 16 in Texas and 3 stations in Louisiana. Our Spanish network includes 4 stations in Texas.


Through modern technological advances, KHCB's Christian message entered the world wide web in May of 2000. Listeners have sent electronic mail (e-mail) from all over the world. KHCB's home page also gives listeners the program schedule and other information pertinent to the station. This medium serves Christians living overseas as well as non-Christians living in closed countries with little or no access to the Good News. (

The Work Goes On

God in His grace has allowed the ministry to continue and expand since its inception in 1962. He has sustained the work through the gifts of concerned listeners, through the volunteer work of people dedicated to serving the Lord, and the intercessory prayers of many. Please pray for the Trustees and for the expanding outreach of KHCB around the world.

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