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9 fm

9 fm
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2013-02-06 08:57:07
Country: NigeriaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Nigeria
City: Abuja
Internet radio
Genre: Africa
Language of broadcast: English
Description: 9fm is presently an online radio station with a mission to deliver your favorite music and more to you whenever and wherever you find yourself in the world. All you need have is an Internet enabled device and a desire to connect to the familiar sounds of home.
With a variety of music from different genres, that absolute Nigerian tang and encompassing programs running throughout the week, there is that special day for each and everyone.
9fm has interactive platforms where you can listen and be heard. Your voice is important, it matters to us. Our request page lets you determine the music you want to listen to. If we can’t get it for you, we would sing it to you!
9fm promotes the development of talent and has a feature where works of artist can be sampled for fellow music lovers and prospective fans to listen, enjoy and criticize should the need arise.
As a lover of positivity and a friend to animals, Muna 9fm’s mascot is a monkey. Unpredictable, charming, mischievous and sweet; Muna is willing like the rest of the staff of 9fm to work to bring you s desire fulfilling pleasurable listening experience.
To be a Nigerian radio station, to embrace the different ethnic groups that make up the country, to promote educative media for impressionable minds and to promote national unity through music.

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