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Metalysed Radio

Metalysed Radio
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Last updated:
2011-09-18 06:06:35
Country: CanadaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Canada
City: Quebec
Internet radio
Genre: Metal
Description: '' Metalysed Radio '' is a non-profit-making radio, which diffuses 24 hours out of 24/7 days a week. The goal of this radio is to play music which is not played at the antenna of the conventional public radios, and also to play the music of new bands which could not be heard anywhere else. '' Metalysed Radio '' is a station which plays metal and non-commercial rock, which does not diffuses any forms of publicities. It's also a musical radio only thus, no organizers. If you have questions, suggestions or all other comments, it will please us to answer it. Good listening and, thank you to have chosen ''Metalysed Radio''

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