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Non Stop 103 FM

Non Stop 103 FM
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2012-06-16 20:13:08
Country: IsraelListen to radio stations broadcasting from Israel
City: Tel-Aviv
Address: 13 Tfutzot Israel St. Givatayim, Tel Aviv, Israel 53583
FM (MHz): 103.0
Genre: Country
Phone: +972-3-7333903
Fax: +972 54 4003000
Language of broadcast: Hebrew
Description: Non Stop Radio 103FM (center) / 104.5FM (North) was established on March 1995 and is Israel's private foremost regional radio network. Non Stop Radio is defined as a "Talk Radio" and employs an array of leading radio personalities (Media Stars) that are highly admired among the Israeli population. Most of the shows of Non Stop Radio are being syndicated to other radio stations all over the country.

Beacause of Its genuine characterization, Its successful format and Its leading popular broadcasters, Non Stop Radio became the most listened regional radio network in Israel.

The Media survies in Israel place Non Stop Radio, consecutively every year, as the most listened and popular regional radio network among all ages in national terms.

The Network's broadcastings combime active listener involvement and mainly include: News and Current affairs - Discussion - Sports - Comedy and during the Weekends - light music.

Non Stop Radio is highly committed to the community by airing shows that are responsive to the interests and needs of the listeners and by carrying a variety of public service programs. Non Stop Radio's public service has resulted in several station awards.

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