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Dublin 98FM

Dublin 98FM
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Country: IrelandListen to radio stations broadcasting from Ireland
City: Dublin 2
Address: North Block, The Malt House Grand Canal Quay
FM (MHz): 98.0
Genre: Talk
Phone: +353 (0)1 670 897
Fax: +353 (0)1 679 896
Description: Irish entrepreneur Denis O’Brien has been involved in Dublin’s 98 since its launch in 1989 and now owns the radio station through his Communicorp group. The Communicorp group is one of the fastest growing radio groups in Europe.

Since 1989, the station has been a broadcasting and commercial success delivering a brand of radio that Dubliners identify with, listen to and really enjoy. Dublin’s 98 invests enormous energy and resources into building a premium radio brand. A brand for Dubliners that breathes the very essence of the city and all it stands for.

We know what Dubliners want because we ask them and they continue to listen to our innovative programming that informs, entertains and is relevant to their lives.

Playing Dublin’s best music mix, combined with comprehensive news and sports coverage, entertaining and lively presentation style, and unique programming and promotional features combine to ensure that we put a smile on our listeners faces everyday!

98’s audience is extremely attractive to the advertising community, playing a pivotal role in helping to reach huge Dublin audiences. 98’s consistency in delivering to its core target market means advertisers can depend on the station to achieve desired results.

98 is conscious of the needs of all advertisers, be they large or small. Advertising on 98 is an investment and it is our responsibility to ensure that maximum return is achieved. Client input is viewed as being central to the success of all campaigns and 98 always encourages their interaction throughout the whole process – inception, design, execution and evaluation.

98 – The Communication Blueprint for your business.


It’s Monday morning. The alarm didn’t go off. One of the kids has a runny nose and the other needs your last tenner for a school trip. The mortgage payment has just jumped again – marginally less than the price of petrol and Eddie Hobbes thinks your home may be in negative equity. You leave your house fifteen minutes earlier than you did last month and still sit in traffic for fifty minutes on a wet day. And these days, they’re all wet. You truly believe that your boss has been diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder – but the personality that’s turned up this morning hasn’t been taking its meds. And for the first time in a decade or more, downsizing doesn’t mean fitting into that size ten you bought last week on the off chance you might make it to weightwatchers two weeks in a row. Fat chance!

What can you do?

Well, you gotta smile, don’t you?

No matter what outrageous fortune life throws at you, slings and arrow-wise, there’s one place you can be guaranteed a warm welcome and a big, infectious smile: Dublin’s 98.

98 can provide the required stimulus to contract the zygomatic muscles of the cheek and eye and get the endorphins flowing.

We have the on-air staff, whose only role is to offer that smile - be it through empathy, banter, the craic, a joke or the right song at the right moment to lighten the mood and make your day worthwhile – at least for the moment!

Dublin’s 98 is sure to make all of the city smile, focusing on our core target audience of 20-44 year olds. The music, talk and promotions on Dublin’s 98 all connect with this key consumer making advertising to this lucrative audience highly effective.

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