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2012-06-16 20:50:10
Country: AlbaniaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Albania
City: Sarandë
FM (MHz): 96.1
Genre: Talk
Language of broadcast: English
Description: Radio SARANDA 96.1FM is a subject of “Media Saranda” shpk, with center in Saranda and with activities throughout south western Albania.

Radio Saranda is the prime electronic media in Saranda. If you want entertainment on the go, news on the go, in depth programs dealing with important social themes, Radio Saranda has it all!

Through our website we aim to serve a local and global audience. We provide news in real time. The public can freely participate by submitting the news whenever it happens!

Through our advertising partners we can provide many services in the Saranda region and via the internet! If you want to travel to Albania, invest in Albania, trade with Albania, advertise in Albania, learn about Albania, contact us.

With the help of our generous partners, Radio Saranda has done a tremendous volume of work in many areas of social importance, including environmental protection, minority rights, Albanian culture, European integration, fighting poverty, and many others.

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