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Al Madina FM

Al Madina FM
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2012-06-16 20:47:33
Country: SyriaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Syria
City: Damascus
Address: 13275 Damascus –Syria
FM (MHz): 101.5
Genre: Top 40-Pop
Phone: +963 932 888881
Language of broadcast: Arabic
Description: With great joy we would like to present to you Al Madina FM! A radio station built on creative methods, multifarious coverage of cultural, educational, social and star news, and just absolute entertainment!

Our radio is built on a sense of unique set of values and a mission to broaden our listener’s horizons!

Al Madina FM was established in 2005 by Mayzar Nizam Eddin as the first private radio station in Syria, with the exclusive transmission on FM wave, frequency 101.5-100.5 MHZ stereo

As the first private radio station in Syria we believe we play a very important role at national and soon at international levels. Thus, Al Madina FM plays music, and covers news 24 hours a day, supported by a professional team of inspired Salespeople, Marketers, Producers, Technicians, DJ’s, Broadcasters and Top Management ethically servicing our listeners and clients!

Al Madina FM covers all Syrian cities, as well as, areas in Palestine – Jordan – Turkey- and Lebanon

Al Madina FM radio station is located in the oldest city in the world, Damascus, in Pakistan Street, which is a key location in Syria. The building of Al Madina FM is an independent building of six floors, with 400 m2 for each floor

Al Madina FM is made of 4 main Departments:
• Production Department
• Sales Department
• Marketing Department
• Head Department which consists of the following units:
¤ Top Management
¤ Accounting department
¤ Legal department
¤ Graphic & Web Design

Al Madina FM production:
Al Madina FM’s Production Department is the largest department consisting of three studios, working with great enthusiasm and innovation servicing the following areas:

• Advertisement
¤ Create unique ideas and copy write
¤ Audio recording in ( Arabic , English , and French )

• Jingles
¤ Writing, composing, recording
¤ Single VO, chorus, copyrighted tunes

• Background music
¤ Al Madina music and sound effects were purchased directly from the USA & Europe

• Remix
¤ A team specialized in remix’s creating any remix you dream of !!

• Outdoor studio

¤ A mobile studio within a van, managing outside interviews every where, in sync with the main indoor studio in Pakistan street

• Mobile studio
¤ For any distant interviews, with the same quality of voice as our indoor
• Any other audio request

Al Madina FM operates under the latest advanced digital equipment procured from the UK, Italy, and Germany

Al Madina FM Sales Department:
Al Madina FM Sales department is made up of a team of 20 recruits dedicated to their clientele service 24 hours a day

Al Madina FM Marketing Department:
Al Madina Fm Marketing department is devoted to find innovative ideas satisfying consumer and customer demand! It also includes a PR Unit specialized in monthly statistics with reference to all other private and government radios in Syria. Not to mention the added care and follow up of customers, along with indulging our clients with creative extra curricular events.

Head department:
With Top Management, Accounting department, and Legal department we make sure all business related issues, customer service, and human resources, are working under ethical, legal and very professional standards, inspired by the Graphic & Web Design unit, that reflect our matchless and creative image that diversifies us from the bunch!

Special thought on Customer Service:

Take your time in ordering your service from Al Madina FM and we will deliver to you in no more than 1 hour. As for any further modifications they shall be completed in the shortest time possible!

Creativity and Quality:
We will be happy to deliver your message in the most creative approach aligned with your product’s image and target audience!

Customer support:
Our committed personnel is always ready to answer any questions you may have or any order you may ask for 24/24!

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