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Chinese Evergreens (Digital Radio)

Chinese Evergreens (Digital Radio)
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Last updated:
2012-06-16 20:45:58
Country: SingaporeListen to radio stations broadcasting from Singapore
City: Singapur
Internet radio
Genre: Chinese
Language of broadcast: English
Description: Chinese Evergreens – Chinese classics from the 60s to 80s

Digital Radio was launched on 19th November 1999 and is a Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) service from MediaCorp. It is Asia’s first digital radio service. Digital Radio offers high quality sound. Its unique digital transmission technology removes the sound distortion that you sometimes hear on your FM radio. With DAB radio, you can also access details such as the song title, artiste's name and even traffic report in the form of scrolling text display on the LCD screen from our DLS (Dynamic Label Segment) service. The result is an enriched and even more intimate entertainment medium which provides both aural and visual impact for a growing group of Digital Radio enthusiasts.

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