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Country: IranListen to radio stations broadcasting from Iran
City: Tehran
Internet radio
Genre: Islam
Language of broadcast: English
Description: In the Present age , employment of Radio and TV as two fast and at the same time accessible media serves as a social necessity. It is also considered as an inseparable part of the modern life. In fact , if any one is left behind , he/she would be totally omitted from the social life.

The political and social changes of the recent years in the different parts of the world signify the outbreak of intensifying media war ,focusing on winning the public opinion .It also concentrates on intended drastic changes in culture and life styles of the listeners and viewers , specifically in the Middle East .Hence, the active and effective presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting( IRIB)in this battle field requires the planning and intelligent management so that it would pave the ground for surmounting the obstacles as well as taking full advantage of opportunities to achieve its own goals.
Due to their attractions and their undeniable existence in the lives of the listeners and viewers , TV and Radio can affect the personalities, ideologies ,behaviors and finally the cultural and social contexts of a given society in terms of contents and messages they spread.
Apparently at the status quo when the supranational waves and messages have trespassed the geographical and cultural borders , with domineering empire of Western Media aiming for the cultural conversion of the Independent nations specifically focusing on the Islamic Republic of Iran, IRIB should play its key role in strengthening the country's cultural solidarity as well as stressing National identity together with fighting against the destructive waves more than before , through complete preparation .The importance of the issue can be found in the Late Imam Khomeini(Rh)'s words : "IRIB serves to be the country's public university."

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