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Voice of America Burmese (VOA Burmese)

Voice of America Burmese (VOA Burmese)
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2012-06-17 00:10:12
Country: United StatesListen to radio stations broadcasting from United States
City: Washington
Address: 330 Independence Ave. SW Washington, DC 20237
Internet radio
Genre: International
Phone: + 1 202 - 382 - 5554
Language of broadcast: Multilingual
Description: Radio Free Asia (RFA) is a private radio station established by the United States Congress and funded by the Federal Government of the United States. Its mandate is to broadcast timely, accurate news happening within its broadcast region that is "otherwise not reported". It operates in six countries in Asia in nine languages.Radio Free Asia is a private, non-profit organization, incorporated in March 1996, and began broadcasting in September 1996.RFA broadcasts in nine languages, via shortwave, satellite transmissions, medium-wave (AM and FM radio), and through the Internet. The first transmission was in Mandarin Chinese and it is RFA's most broadcast language at twelve hours per day. RFA also broadcasts in Cantonese, Tibetan (Kham, Amdo, and Uke dialects), Uyghur, Burmese, Vietnamese, Lao, Khmer (to Cambodia) and Korean (to North Korea).Interest in the United States to provide timely, fact-based news and a forum for the exchange of ideas to people of Asia living under repressive, authoritarian regimes re-emerged after the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.The International Broadcasting Act was passed by the Congress of the United States in 1994. Radio Free Asia is formally a private, non-profit corporation. RFA is funded by an annual federal grant from and administered by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). The BBG serves as RFA’s corporate board of directors, making and supervising grants to RFA.BBG's stated mission is "to promote and sustain freedom and democracy by broadcasting accurate and objective news and information about the United States and the world to audiences overseas. [...] RFA broadcasts news and information to Asian listeners who lack regular access to full and balanced reporting in their domestic media. Through its broadcasts and call-in programs, RFA aims to fill a critical gap in the lives of people across Asia."

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U Than Sin say's:
22 January 2017 17:21:27
I would like to have the daily news broadcasting in Burmese .Thank you Sir.
U Than Sin say's:
22 January 2017 10:53:20
I would like to have the daily news broadcasting in Burmese.Thank you sir.
Mangling say's:
30 October 2016 12:22:55
can I have daily news brocasting in Myanmar?
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