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Oroville Fire Chiefs Association

Oroville Fire Chiefs Association
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City: Oroville
Address: 1333 Huntoon Street Oroville, CA 95965
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Genre: Fire
Phone: 530-534-4692
Description: Oroville (formerly, Ophir City) is the county seat of Butte County, California. The population was 13,004 at the 2000 census, and it is one of the faster growing towns in California, with an 11.9% increase in population from 2000 to June 2007. The national average population increase is less than one percent. The Berry Creek Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California is headquartered here.Oroville is situated on the banks of the Feather River where it flows out of the Sierra Nevada onto the flat floor of the California Central Valley. It was established as the head of navigation on the Feather River to supply gold miners during the California Gold Rush.The town was originally called Ophir City; the name was changed to Oroville when the first post office opened in 1854.Gold found at Bidwell Bar, one of the first gold mining sites in California, brought thousands of prospectors to the Oroville area seeking riches. Now under the enormous Lake Oroville, Bidwell Bar is memorialized by the Bidwell Bar Bridge, an original remnant from the area and the first suspension bridge in California (California Historical Landmark #314). In the early 20th century the Western Pacific Railroad completed construction of the all-weather Feather River Canyon route through the Sierra Nevadas giving it the nickname of "The Feather River Route". Oroville would serve as an important stop for the famous California Zephyr during its 20 year run. In 1983, this became a part of the Union Pacific Railroad as their Feather River Canyon Subdivision. A major highway, State Route 70, roughly parallels the railroad line through the canyon.Oroville Chinese TempleThe Chinese Temple (CHL #770 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places is another monument to Oroville's storied past. Chinese laborers from the pioneer era established the Temple as a place of worship for followers of Chinese Popular Religion and the three major Chinese religions: Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. The Chinese Temple and Garden, as it is now called, has an extensive collection of artifacts and a serene garden to enjoy.Ishi MuralIshi, Oroville's most famous resident, was the last of the Yahi Indians and is considered the last "Stone Age" Indian to come out of the wilderness and into western civilization. When he appeared in Oroville around 1911, he was immediately thrust into the national spotlight. The Visitor's Center at Lake Oroville has a thorough exhibit and documentary film on Ishi and his life in society.Archaeological finds place the northwestern border for the prehistoric Martis people in the Oroville area.Train Tunnel Disaster October 7, 1965: 5.7 magnitude earthquake: August 1, 1975: In the early 1970s the Movie "The Klansman", starring Richard Burton, Lee Marvin and O.J. Simpson, was filmed in Oroville. The story took place in rural Mississippi and at the time Oroville looked a bit like the old South. Simpson was a great favorite with local citizens, handing out awards at the high school sports award banquet and making friends everywhere he went. Marvin and Burton, whose wife Elizabeth Taylor was sometimes in residence at a rented mansion, held down the bar at the Prospectors Village Motel. While Marvin stuck to drinking, Burton presented a "pre-engagement engagement ring" to the local Miss Pepsi Cola. Toward the end of the shoot a high school janitor heard that Burton was dallying with his wife, whereupon the janitor chased the movie star out of town.U-2 Spy Plane Crash North of Oroville on January 31, 1980: U-2 Spy Plane Crash in front of Oroville Mercury-Register on August 7, 1996:

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