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City: Kitwe
Address: P.O. Box 50015Lusaka Zambia
FM (MHz): 92.2
Genre: News
Phone: 260-1-251983
Description: Determined to create sound principles to guide coverage of elections,

Dedicated to highlighting the duty of ZNBC to contribute to and ensure free, fair and transparent elections in Zambia,

Hereby presents the guidelines for the coverage of the elections as follows:-.

A. Editorial Guidelines

1. The aim of election coverage is to ensure that the electorate is
empowered to make an informed choice.

In light of this, the public is entitled to accurate, fair, impartial and balanced information about the election procedures, and the positions of political parties/independents and/or candidates on issues. ZNBC is therefore committed to make every effort to present all available and relevant information to the public.

ZNBC will therefore ensure that coverage of the elections will be designed to emphasise the relevance of elections and encourage participation by all citizens in the election process.

2. Our Editors will ensure that they focus on issues of relevance and interest to citizens and not purely cover events of political parties/contestants.

3. ZNBC will provide opportunities for the public to take part in political
debates on election issues. Producers of such broadcasts must be as representative as possible of different views and sectors of society.

4. Our editors will treat all political parties/contestants equitably. They shall
to this end facilitate fair play.

Equitable treatment does not mean equal treatment nor does it mean that ZNBC will abandon its news values and/or processes. Equitable treatment means fair treatment in both news, current affairs and discussion programmes. Fairness is achieved over time. It is unlikely to be achieved in a single programme.

Our Producers will not rely on political parties or candidates to bring information but will proactively seek out information and participation in discussions.

5. In an election campaign there is a risk of incumbent party trying to use
their position to advance their election prospect. ZNBC shall regard with caution any statement or action by an official of an incumbent party and need to check thoroughly whether for example public appearances of Government officials are strictly on government business or part of their election campaign.

6. ZNBC will make sure that any impression of one-sidedness is avoided in
all programming. ZNBC will act and be seen to be acting in a fair and independent manner and not influenced by political or other interests.

ZNBC Staff members who hold political office, and/or are office bearers with a political party, and/or active in political campaigning and/or standing for parliament, will not be allowed to broadcast and/or participate in editorial decision making during the election period. Staff members will also not accept gifts, favours or special treatment by political parties or other interests that compromise their professional integrity.

7. ZNBC will afford political parties and/or candidates the right of reply where a report aired under the editorial responsibility of the broadcaster contains inaccurate information or unfair criticism based on a distortion of facts. The opportunity to reply will be given within at last 24 hours in a programme of similar weight and audience. ZNBC will in this regard take special care immediately prior to the election date in order to ensure timely correction of such distortions.

In instances of conflict about this right of reply, ZNBC shall ensure timely independent arbitration.

8. ZNBC shall not broadcast views that could incite violence or advocate
hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion or political conviction and that constitute incitement to cause harm.

9. ZNBC shall treat Public opinion polls with caution and shall exercise the
same caution in reporting the findings of such polls. ZNBC shall inform the public on the source of the poll, the commissioning agency, the period of time over which it was conducted, the sample size and the likely margin of error. Similar care shall be applied when dealing with exit polls.

10. ZNBC has an obligation to inform the public of the election results, as they
become available. ZNBC will take special care to ensure the accuracy of all results broadcast.

B. Guidelines on Party Election Broadcasts and Political

1. Definitions

1.1 Party Election broadcasts are time slots allocated to political parties/contestants to inform the electorate of their policies.

1.2 Political advertisements are paid for advertisements intended to advance the interests of any political party.

2. Guidelines

ZNBC shall comply with the electoral laws of Zambia and afford political parties/contestants equitable and fair access to party election broadcasts and political advertisements.

ZNBC shall ensure that it develops transparent formulae for allocation of airtime, including the amount of time and the time of broadcast, to be provided to individual political parties/contestants.

ZNBC shall develop transparent mechanisms and procedures to ensure that political advertisements and party election broadcasts are not unilaterally edited or amended without consent of political parties and contestants. Such alterations will only be possible if such advertisements or broadcasts do not comply with reasonable technical standards, the laws of Zambia or any other electoral codes applicable in Zambia.

Should a political party or contestant in such instances refuse to edit or amend such advertisement or broadcast, ZNBC reserves the right to refuse to air it. ZNBC will however be entitled to indemnity by political parties against any cost, damage or loss incurred or sustained as a result of any claim arising from such broadcasts or advertisements.

C. Requirements for the implementation of these Guidelines and Principles

1. To be allowed to operate in an environment free of violence and intimidation. All electoral stakeholders must respect the rights of ZNBC as broadcaster to cover the campaigns and elections.
2. ZNBC will require adequate additional funding for coverage of elections through such bodies as the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

D. Terms and Conditions of Contract for Advertising to which all Political Programmes and Adverts are subject to:

1. No independent producer shall be allowed to present ‘live’
programmes of any kind, whether on radio or television. All
programmes will only be presented by full time staff. However,
special circumstances may apply only in cases where ZNBC
commissions such a person.

2. Only pre-recorded programmes will be presented by
independent producers.

3. ZNBC, being the publisher shall have the control of the broadcasts
of all programmes and shall reserve the right to reject any programme that do not comply with these guidelines.

4. Political Programmes and adverts with unpalatable language,
language that is not accepted in broadcasting shall not be broadcast.

5. Programmes and adverts with material likely to lead to litigation will not be broadcast whether or not an indemnity is guaranteed.

6. ZNBC shall have the right to pre-listen and/or preview all programmes for quality evaluation and suitability for broadcast.

7. ZNBC shall have the right to terminate any contract without
Notice if any of the above (1-6) is not followed.

8. All broadcast material must be of high quality and must be submitted in the following formats:

Television - Betacam – PAL, DV-Cassette in PAL
Radio - CD

9. The Director General shall have the final say on the material that
goes on air.

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