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Country: LiberiaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Liberia
City: Monrovia
Address: 12 Broad Street - Snapper Hill - Monrovia - LIBERIA
FM (MHz): 104.1
Genre: Africa
Phone: +231 77 104 411
Description: STAR Radio is very pleased to be part of Global Giving. We encourage our
American supporters to make tax-deductible donations to STAR today!

1. STAR radio is an independent radio station for Liberia and the Sub-Region.
2. STAR radio Inc. is a Liberian entity with a board of Liberians.
3. STAR radio has partnership with Hirondelle Foundation, Media for Peace and Human Dignity.
4. STAR radio

I. Broadcasts impartial and credible information on the situation in the country and the region.
II. Broadcasts on FM and short-wave and disseminates information through its Internet service.
III. Promotes professional journalism by training young journalists.
IV. Promotes the freedom of speech.
V. Its journalism is well-sourced and based on sound evidence, relying on fact rather than opinion, giving the audience the opportunity to decide
for themselves on the issues of the day.
VI. Does not discriminate about age, sex, ethnicity, religion or the lack of it or nationality.
VII. Broadcasts news and programmes on issues that are relevant to the daily lives of the Liberia citizens and in support of peace, activities of the civil society, development and humanitarian activities, capacity building, human rights and child protection, civic education and electoral assistance.
VIII. Takes account on the traditional culture of Liberia in its programmes as well as reflecting contemporary trends.
IX. Values audience feedback on its programs. Complaints are addressed properly and apologies made when necessary.
X. Observes strict political impartiality and seeks to remain independent in its broadcasts and the choice of its collaborators.
XI. No one, public or private, may impose the broadcasting of information, opinions or works on STAR radio.
XII. The station manager is responsible to the board for the broadcast contents.
XIII. Does not broadcast material likely to arouse panic.
XIV. The Radio's main languages are English and Liberian English. It also uses vernacular languages.
XV. The STAR radio Charter respects the relevant Liberians laws, the international laws on Medias and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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