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Country: GambiaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Gambia
City: Bonto
Address: PO Box 387Banjul,MDI Road,Kanifing, KSMDThe GambiaWest Africa
AM (MHz): 648
Genre: Ethnic
Phone: 4378072
Fax: +220 4495 102
Language of broadcast: English
Description: GRTS is The Gambia's only public service broadcaster. In December 1995 the Government commissioned the Gambia Radio and Television Service (GRTS) TV station.

GRTS, Programming & National Development:
The importance of Television broadcasting for socio-economic development of the Gambia cannot be over emphasised. Knowledge and information are fundamental drivers of increased productivity and are seminal to invention, innovation and wealth creation. GRTS runs programmes on new innovations in appropriate technology in agriculture as a way of educating our farming communities. This has tremendous impact on agricultural output of farmers and has resulted in improved production, especially in rice and vegetables.

Agriculture being the backbone of the country’s economy, it is crucial to show programmes that can improve farming methods, increase yields and ultimately increase food sufficiency and food security. This in turn is believed to reduce poverty levels, improves health status of the Gambian people, in line with the goals and objectives of our Poverty Reduction Strategy.

One of the critical problems facing Gambian society today is the spread of HIV/AIDS within population. This disease if not contained or minimised will have a detrimental effect on The Gambia's socio-economic development as it also affects the young and most energetic members of the society. With series of programmes shown by TV on the AIDS epidemic many in the society came to grips with realities that the disease is real and can be avoided.

These and other educational programmes are a very essential ingredient of poverty reduction strategy and need to be expanded to cover all areas of the country.

Other GRTS programmes of major importance to poverty reduction carried by the national TV relates to women and women-related issues. In the Gambia, women do the majority of the agricultural production, and programmes that help educate and empower them are crucial in the drive to gain self-sufficiency in food production and economic prosperity.

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