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Nile FM

Nile FM
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2012-06-16 20:29:42
Country: EgyptListen to radio stations broadcasting from Egypt
City: Cairo
FM (MHz): 104.2
Genre: Top 40-Pop
Phone: +20 (0)2 3855 5767
Language of broadcast: English
Description: Radio Nile was founded in Cairo and began broadcasting in 2003. Radio Nile is owned and belongs to Nile Radio Production Company. Radio Nile opened up many new prospects of entertainment in Egypt.

Nile Radio station blazed new standards in the world of radio in the Middle East and Africa.
Under the slogan "The first Radio in Cairo" Radio Nile broadcasts on the wave of the Nile FM 104.2 in Greater Cairo.

Radio Nile programs vary depending on the events during the days and hours. And music comes out in many types, and in a variety of languages.
And what shows strikingly is the existence of programs sponsored by major companies such as Pepsi and MobiNil and from these programs: Pepsi Top 20, Pepsi Hot 7 @ 7, and others ...

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