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Gabz FM

Gabz FM
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2012-06-16 20:29:01
Country: BotswanaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Botswana
City: Gaborone
Address: Floor 2 Beta Hse Old Lobatse Rd Private Bag BO319 Gaborone
FM (MHz): 96.2
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Phone: (+267) 317 09 05
Language of broadcast: English
Description: Gabz FM is a commercial radio station on the FM frequency 96.(point)2. English is the principal medium of broadcast.

Gabz FM covers Gaborone (Botswana's capital city) and seven other major population centres. The broadcast catchment’s area represents the most densely populated, the most developed and the most economically active area of Botswana.

Gabz FM appeals predominantly to adults 25 years and above. Gabz FM is an urban adult contemporary radio station format with 80% music and 20% talk. The programming is driven by compelling, thought provoking talk segments and music that for sheer reasons of nostalgia or superior arrangements will arouse positive vibes with the listeners. The station's pay-off line is appropriately "Today's hits, yesterday's classics".

Gabz FM has grown to represent a statement on one's lifestyle. A Gabz FM listener is an upwardly mobile go-getter who listens to radio for a total experience, which will include good music and compelling, informed talk. Gabz FM news and features will bring the listener up to speed on local, regional and international issues.

Gabz FM epitomizes a lifestyle that is in sync with the section of the population that drives Botswana’s economy. These are loyal Gabz FM listeners who on a daily basis determine the country's spending patterns.

Gabz FM broadcasts to Gaborone and five other major centres in the surrounding areas. The total population in the broadcast footprint is 844 000. The common footprint is shared with six other radio stations.

Listenership & LSM Statistics
Gabz FM broadcasts on different FM frequency signals nation wide, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Interesting headline facts
Gabz FM has a daily listener ship of 52 000 and a weekly listener ship rating of 145 000.

Gabz FM attracts over 80% listener ship from the urban adult contemporary female sector, which is dominant in the purchasing decision.

In comparison to the other radio stations, Gabz FM attracts 80% of listeners earning above P3,000.00.

69.5% of the Gabz FM listeners interviewed intended to purchase goods and services amounting to over P1500.00 within the next two months.

73.6% of Gabz FM listeners interviewed intended to purchase a vehicle in the next six months

77.5% of Gabz FM listeners interviewed intended to buy a home in the next twelve months

64.9% of Gabz FM listeners interviewed intend to purchase an electrical appliance in the next two months with a value over P1 000.00

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