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Fun Kids

Fun Kids
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Last updated:
2012-06-16 20:28:05
Country: United KingdomListen to radio stations broadcasting from United Kingdom
City: London
Address: PO Box 2000One Passage Street BS99 7SN
Internet radio
Genre: Children
Phone: +44 (0)117 984 3200
Language of broadcast: English
Description: Fun Kids is a British children's digital radio station in the United Kingdom and currently the Sony Digital Radio Station of the Year. It is operated by Children's Radio UK Ltd which is owned by Folder Media. It broadcasts on DAB Digital Radio through the UK, on Virgin Media channel 926, on Sky Channel 0171 as well as online. The station will also launch temporarily on the national Digital One multiplex from June 27 until October 3.

Fun Kids is about providing good quality programming to entertain children, principally between the ages of three to eight, but with enough to distract those a bit younger and a bit older too.

As will come as no surprise, this includes a lot of songs! Some are from TV shows or kids’ films, some are from nursery rhymes and others from the charts. Some are from nowhere in particular but we know that a high proportion of five year olds stand up and jiggle when they come on.

There are also lots of stories on Fun Kids every day and a steady stream of competitions and news about events.

After 8pm, the programming changes to more of a chill out format – mainly for the benefit of the grown-ups, but safe for children to listen to as well.

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